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Posted: 04/08/04


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Carlyle Lake

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Rend Lake

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Shelbyville Lake

Report date 04/08/04

Lake Elevation at Normal Pool: 600.20   Temperature: 50's

Outflow: 340 cfs Level: 4.13 feet low

Report by Satterfield Guide Service


The lake level is 599.76 which is 5.76 feet above normal winter pool and falling.

The water temperature is in the low to mid 50's.

The water is clearing up fast because of the release rate. You'll find clear water on the south end all the way to Findlay bridge. Murky to muddy from Frindlay bridge north. The backs of creeks and coves are clearing and very fishable.

Fishing is improving and will only get better as the waters warm.

Crappie are your best bet for a mess of fish to go home with. We're still catching most of ours deep, on points and drop offs 15-25 foot deep. You can catch fish shallower, with a jig and bobber around standing timber, or use the count down method without a bobber and a slow retrieve. We are using 1/8 oz lead heads with 3 inch tubes, twisters or shad bodies, but minnows will also catch these fish. Once again, we want to tell you, you'll need to move around until you find the keeper size fish. You may have to fish lots of places to get your limit. We have not found these fish in big schools yet. 3 or 4 fish off a spot, then move.

White bass fishing is also starting to improve. You can catch these fish on wind blown shore lines with a two jig rig or on deep points and drop offs with spoons and jigs.

Bass fishing looks promising for this year. We are catching lots of bass that are fat and healthy, most by accident fishing for crappie on main lake and secondary points. Anywhere from 2 foot to 20 foot deep. Your bass baits in these same areas should produce for you.

Casting the banks and trolling is catching muskies.

Walleye fishing is still slow, but will improve as the waters warm.

Thanks for checking our report and good fishing till next week!  

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