Nov. 07, 2005

Hello Outdoor Enthusiasts:

We have been operating this website for the last 8 years, using our own funds in the hope of getting Sponsors and Advertisers, but they are very slow in coming. We are now ready to take this website to the next level; becoming the biggest and the best website in the Midwest for fishing information.

Summer is one of our busiest times because we are always trying to update the fishing reports and always adding more fisheries. This website was built with you in mind. We at Anglers Fishing Info look at this website as yours. To make this website bigger we do a lot of traveling to try and find bait shops for the different lakes and streams. At the same time we have been working very hard to get Sponsors and Advertisers to cover these costs. These potential Sponsors, Advertisers and Bait Shops are taking their time in providing sponsorship funding, and fishing reports.

This is why we are seeking your assistance in these two areas:

1. Help us to locate bait shops that will give fishing reports for all site users to share and pass along;

2. Secondly, could you contribute $10 to help us cover some of the operational costs? In return we will start adding more information about more fisheries. We would also like to have your input about ways in which we could improve our site. Just e-mail me at  

Please watch for a link on the website so that you can sign up for a newsletter, which will be coming soon.

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We appreciate and thank the many loyal patrons that we have had over the years. Hopefully in the years to come we will have many others to thank as well.

Connie Macha

There is two different ways you can send in your contributions: By check or use PayPal

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