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Posted: 11/21/2015

We are looking for more Fishing Reports for Oklahoma Lakes. If you know of a bait shop or guide, let us know.


Broken Bow Copan Eufaula Ft. Gibson Grand Lake
Hugo Kaw Keystone Oologah Pine Creek
Skiatook Tenkiller Texoma Webbers Falls  

Broken Bow

Lake elevation at normal pool: 602.5

 Inflow: 60 cfs Outflow: 0 cfs.

Level: 4.00 feet low  Temperature:

No Report

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Lake elevation at normal pool: 710.0

 Inflow: 190 cfs Outflow: 105 cfs.

Level:8 .00 feet high  Temperature: 


No Report


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Lake elevation at normal pool: 585.0   

Inflow: 7900 cfs Outflow: 360 cfs.

Level: 10.05 feet high Temperature:

Crappie fair on minnows and grubs at 18-20 ft. around brush structure, creek channels and bridges.

Blue catfish good on cut bait and goldfish at 20 ft. along the river channel.

Largemouth bass fair on crankbaits, spinnerbaits and plastic baits at 4-6 ft. around points, rocks and riprap.

White bass fair on crankbaits, sassy shad, slabs and grubs at 10-14 ft. along channels, riprap and bridges.

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Ft. Gibson

Updated: 11/21/2015

Lake elevation at normal pool: 554.0  

Inflow: 13700 Outflow: 12453

Level: 3.13 feet high Temperature:

Report By: Larry's Bait & Tackle

The 2015/ 2016 hunting and fishing regulation booklets are available at any licenses dealer or local Bait and Tackle shops. 

Fort Gibson Dam: 

Sandbass, stripers or Hybrid striper: Good early mornings with the turbines off. Topwater lures with a trailer jig. Pop-R, Chug Bug, or popping float with a trailer jig are great. With the turbines on a popping float and jig or tightlining with jigs. White/red, Chartreuse/white, or pink colors are good. Silver spoons, roostertails, or inline spinners are used for the sandbass.

Crappie: Good using minnows with the turbines on or off.

Catfish: Good using cut shad in the turbine area.

Spoonbills: Snagging has been slow.

Larry's Bait and Tackle on Facebook.

Call: (918) 478-3225


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Grand Lake

Updated  11/21/2015

Lake elevation at normal pool: 745.0

Inflow: 7250 cfs Outflow: 11329 cfs.

Level: 1.00 feet high Temperature:

Lake Map

Report by: Littlefield Sporting Goods

No Report

GOOD LUCK FISHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lake elevation at normal pool: 404.5 

Inflow: 1865 cfs Outflow: 161 cfs.

Level: 31.00 feet high Temperature:


No Report

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Lake elevation at normal pool: 1008.3

Inflow: 1000 cfs Outflow: 1532 cfs.

Level: 12.00 feet high Temperature: 

Crappie good on grubs, tube jigs and minnows at 4-10 ft. along riprap and standing timber.

White bass and striped bass hybrids good on Alabama rigs, topwater lures, spoons and sassy shad at 2-8 ft. along riprap and points.

Blue and channel catfish excellent on cut bait, shad and stinkbait at 2-12 ft. along flats and shallows.

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Lake elevation at normal pool: 723.0

Inflow: 3700 cfs Outflow:2933 cfs.

Level: 19.50 feet high  Temperature: 

Blue catfish good on cut bait along channels.

Largemouth bass fair on plastic baits along shorelines.

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Lake elevation at normal pool: 638.0

Inflow:4620 cfs Outflow: 2670 cfs.

 Level: 10.00 feet high Temperature:

Crappie good on juglines and drifting minnows and jigs at 10-15 ft. around brush structure.

Blue and channel catfish fair on cut bait and shad at 15-20 ft. along flats.

Largemouth bass fair on crankbaits at 6-10 ft. around points.

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Pine Creek

Lake elevation at normal pool: 440.50    

Inflow: 330 cfs Outflow: 299 cfs.

Level: Norm 0.07 feet low Temperature:


No Report

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Lake elevation at normal pool: 714.0  

Inflow: 40 cfs Outflow: 100 cfs.

Level: 2.25 feet low Temperature:

Crappie slow on minnows and jigs at 15-25 ft. around brush structure.

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Lake elevation at normal pool: 632.0

Inflow: 3530 cfs Outflow: 4395 cfs.

Level: 2.00 feet high Temperature:  

Largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass fair on grubs, tube jigs and plastic baits at 5-15 ft. around brush structure, points and docks.

Channel, blue and flathead catfish good on punch bait, cut bait and stinkbait at 15-25 ft. along flats, points and channels.

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Updated: 11/21/2015

Lake elevation at normal pool: 615.0

Inflow: 1650 cfs Outflow: 80 cfs.

Level: 21.00 feet high Temperature:

Largemouth and smallmouth bass good on topwater lures, plastic baits and crankbaits from the surface to 20 ft. along creek channels, brush structure and riprap.

Striped and white bass good on cut bait, live shad, sassy shad and pencil poppers at 10-25 ft. below the dam, the main lake and coves.

Channel and blue catfish good on live shad, stinkbait, worms and ghost minnows at 10-25 ft. below the dam, along riprap, the river channel and active cleaning stations.

Crappie and sunfish good on tube jigs, small lures, minnows and ghost minnows at 5-15 ft. around docks, riprap and creek channels.

Paddlefish good at 10-15 ft. below the dam.

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Webbers Falls

Lake elevation at normal pool: 487.0  

Inflow: 24240 cfs Outflow: 25029 cfs.

Level: 5.00 feet high  Temperature:

Coming soon

Report by: Dave's Bait & Tackle

No Report

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