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Posted: 07/07/04


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Carlyle Lake

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Rend Lake

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Shelbyville Lake

Report date 07/04/04

Lake Elevation at Normal Pool: 600.20   Temperature: Upper 70's

Outflow: 320 cfs Level: 2.25 feet high clear on the south end and stained from mid lake north

Report by Satterfield Guide Service

The fish are on the summer pattern and will probably stay this way for the next month or so. If things change for us we'll let you know.

Crappie have slowed but can be caught from a foot of water in the weeds to 20 foot of water on the points. You can also pick up crappie drift fishing in 8-12 feet in open water or trolling small crankbaits.

White Bass fishing is still excellent. Fish are being caught all over the lake deep and shallow and you'll even see large schools busting shad fry on the surface. We are using 2 jig rigs and one ounce spoons to catch these fish. To locate the deep fish, watch your locator on the deep sand bars next to the creek and river channels and the way we are catching them is by using our one ounce spoons and vertical jigging or using our 2 jig rigs and letting them sink and working it with a slow stop and go retrieve. To catch the fish busting on the surface, watch for them and the way we are catching them is by using our 2 jig rig and holding our pole high and reeling very fast. Blade baits, rooster tails, and crank baits are also working for these fish.

Largemouth Bass fishing has greatly improved and lots of fish are being caught deep and shallow. With the water flooding into the vegetation, spinner baits and buzz baits are good for catching shallow fish. You can also fish deep on main lake and secondary points with crank baits, jig and pig, or plastic worms - Texas or Carolina rigged.

Walleye fishing has slowed somewhat but are still being caught on points or humps casting or trolling crank baits. You can also fish your jig and live bait in these same places to catch these walleye. If you don't find them on the points and humps, try 1-12 feet on the flats.

Muskies are also being caught by trolling on points and humps. Also casting the banks will produce.

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