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Posted: 08/20/04


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Carlyle Lake

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Rend Lake

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Shelbyville Lake

Report date 08/20/04

Lake Elevation at Normal Pool: 600.20   Temperature: Mid 70's

Outflow: 320 cfs Level: 2.25 feet high clear on the south end and stained from mid lake north

Report by Satterfield Guide Service

The water is still clear on the south end and stained from mid lake north.

If you want to have fun and catch a lot of fish, the white bass are your best bet. We're catching these fish on 2 jig rigs in a foot to 3 foot of water on wind blown sand bars and flats. If the wind is not blowing, you need to back off and fish a little deeper, pay close attention to the sea gulls, they will tell you where these shallow fish are feeding. You can also find white bass 20-30 foot deep, on points and drop offs, with one ounce jigging spoons.

Walleye are still being caught casting and trolling crank baits on points and flats and as the water cools it will get better!

If you're looking for large mouth bass, they can be found deep and shallow with top water baits, crank baits, jigs and worms. Don't expect to catch a lot of bass, but some you could catch a big one.

Muskies are still active and being caught casting and trolling and the bass fisherman are catching lots of these fish, fishing for bass on regular bass baits.

Crappie are being caught on jigs around standing timber and stumps on points and drop offs. You may find them as shallow as 3-4 foot, or as deep as 20-30 foot all in the same day. You can also catch crappie trolling small crank baits or drift fishing with jigs and/or minnows in open water suspended 8-12 foot deep.

Be careful on the boat ramps with the falling water, they are slick and dangerous.

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